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      Jilin Yonglin Chemical

      ADD:Jilin City, Jilin Economic and Technological Development Zone




      L-cis-1,2-Epoxypropylphosphonic acid-D-α-phenylethylamine

      English Name: L-cis-1,2-Epoxypropylphosphonic acid-D-α-phenylethylamine
      Alias: L-cis-1,2-epoxypropyl phosphonic acid-D-α-phenylethylamine salt
      Formula: C11H18NO4
      CAS No.: 25383-07-7
      Product Category: Intermediate / Pharmaceutical intermediates
      Use: Synthetic fosfomycin Series
      Technical Specifications:


      Project Index
      Characters White powder
      Melting point 128.0-134.0°C
      Specific rotation ≥+7.0°
      Water ≤7.00%
      PH 3.5-4.3
      Glycols ≤0.15%
      Opalescence Should not be detected
      Content 99%
      Wolfram ≤20ppm
      Heavy metal ≤20ppm


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